The Google Analytics

Most people are actually not familiar with staff related to search engine optimization, including the elements that are under it, such as the Google analytics. The Google analytics is basically a service offered by the Google industry that will generally track and report the website traffic for a lot of purpose. It is primarily a web analytics that is freemium in nature, which means that it is being offered as a service that is free of charge; however, there is certain amount of money involved or charged for the virtual goods, functionalities, as well as proprietary features. To know more about Google analytics, browse the internet.


Since acquiring Google analytics last November 2005, it has become the most widely used web service in the internet that focuses on analytics. As of today, there are two versions being offered for Google analytics, one if the Google Analytics 360, which is previously the Google Analytics Premium and is generally based on subscriptions while the other one is the Google Analytics for Mobile applications. The latter is basically a software or application that would allow the user to obtain usage data from the iOS as well as the Android apps. There are beginner's guide to Google Analytics to help anyone out.

It was mentioned that Google analytics is simply one of the elements of search engine optimization and talking about it deeper would take time for anyone to understand. One thing you simply have to understand is that Google analytics play a role on how internet marketers win in their own respective industry by having Google analytics WordPress plugin.


If you want to learn how to grow your audience as an internet marketer who is running a blog or WordPress, it is better that you familiarize yourself with Google analytics as well as its plugins.